Friday, December 28, 2007

You might live in Nowhere Nebraska if...(part 2)

- if you town is named after somebody that never knew your "settlement" existed
- everybody knows your name, where you live, and who your parents are
- everybody knows what you did last summer, last night, and two minutes ago
- people carry your groceries out to your car for you
- the newscasters on the TV appear to be camera shy
- their is a bar in your town called NOWHERE
- people buy big 100year old old school buildings and make them into houses
- people in your town race canoes rather than cars
- if the river everybody boasts about by your town is only five feet wide
- if your mom doesn't know how to turn her cell phone on (...sorry mom)
- if your backyard is a mile long
- if the town to the West of you and North of you have a combined total of less than 200 people
- if your town prides itself that the actor Piece Lydon was born there (Who in the world is Pierce Lydon?)
- if you can climb the highly acclaimed lookout mountain in less than 10 minutes
- if all your scew-ups on the farm make the front page in the newspaper

True,True...this is the place that I will once again call home.