Friday, December 28, 2007

You might live in Nowhere Nebraska if...(part 3)

- if everyone you meet on the road waves to you with their index finger
- if there is a siren that reminds you when to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner
- if marijuana grows wild like dandelions in your pasture
- if some of the men spit out of their noses instead of their mouth's
- if many friendly faces stop by to help you give your home a makeover
- if 6th graders are seen driving tractors through town and its no big deal
- if you tear the dry wall out of your house and discover the previous owners used mud to insulate your house
- if your local theatre cost 2 dollars for admission, one dollar for a large pop, and 50 cents for a large popcorn
True,True...this is the place that I will once again call home.