Monday, December 10, 2007

YWAM (Mission's Monday)

It was a wake call to have two ministries attacked that are so close to where I live. I know about both of these ministries rather well and have attended New Life Church a few times. YWAM has also had a profound impact on my life through some of their resources. One of their books, God is that Really Youhas had a tremendous impact on how I think and live.

Below is a letter written from YWAM to the rest of their YWAM family as well as the pictures of the two young God-pursuing victims.

Dear YWAM family worldwide,
As some of you are already aware, the YWAM Denver (Arvada) Colorado center experienced a tragedy of great proportions in the early hours of Sunday morning, December 9, as two YWAM Denver staff members died at the hands of a lone gunman who entered one of their campus buildings. Two other staff members are currently at a local Denver hospital; one of them is in critical but stable condition. The four had just finished serving at a Christmas Banquet for YWAM staff and students. They were simply doing what they did so well: serve. Please pray for Peter and Linda Warren as they lead their staff of 127 through this tragedy, for staff and students, and the families of the staff who died and were injured.