Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kenya is on the brink of Civil war

I suppose that this could make our Maasai Project team question whether they are still suppose to be a part of our trip. I know that when I went to Africa in 2005 tribal clashes were taking place and 17 were killed. According to the news some of those same tribes are revolting once again due to a political issue.

The revolt has killed over 300 people.
The revolt is taking place near the Great Rift Valley
The revolt has caused thousands to seek refuge in Uganda.
The revolt group burned many Kenyan's alive who were seeking shelter in an Assemblies of God Church.

I will share more once I make contact in Kenya.

Read the article and watch the videos here

Like I posted a couple days ago. Now is the time to sign up for Praying and Fasting for the Maasai Project.