Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Kenya has gone chaotic.

# 250,000 have been displaced
# almost a 1,000 have died
# a political leader promoting a peace walk was killed yesterday
# rebels have set up roadblocks at the country's border
# Churches and homes have been locked and set to fire with people inside
# Simon's village has had a number of refugees flee to it
# The town closest to Simon's village had problems with rebels the past couple days
# This is the worst uproar Kenya has had since they declared their independence in the 60's
# Great Britain has discouraged people from flying to Africa
# It appears that the violence is going to continue unless they take a re-vote for their president. The candidate that lost the recent election said that it was rigged. The "elected" president says that he will not allow a re-vote and will promote peace in other ways. Both candidates were from different tribes (Kikuyu/Luo) therefore causing the uprising.

I am not sure what we have gotten ourselves into with the Maasai Project. Numerous people have fled to Simon's village to seek refuge, however a town just ten miles away just got hit by rebels. All of this was unexpected. Currently a group of us will still be flying to Kenya in April. Most of us are still sensing a call to go, but we are not exactly sure what we are in for.

Pray for Kenya. Pray for the Maasai. Pray for th Luo. Pray for the Kikuyu.