Sunday, January 20, 2008 God up to something?

A few years ago I was watching Survivor Vanuatu and felt an immediate draw to a strange tribe in Vanuatu, once known as "The Cannibal Islands". I was not sure if it was the Lord or not, but over the years the tribe has not left my mind. Recently I have been debating if this is the Lord's direction for me after the Maasai Project and I have even been considering planning a trip as early as this summer.

Last week while I was speaking in New Mexico I was in the library one afternoon playing on Google earth. I decided to do some research on a chain of islands in Vanuatu. I have sensed a burden for this area, but was not sure which of the many islands I was to go to or which tribal group to minister to. As I read up on the islands two specific things jumped out at me. One was the Bunlap people, and the other was an Island known as Martyr's island (an island with a dangerous past for missionaries).

While I was crashed out on the couch today I was flipping channels and I couldn't believe my eyes. A documentary on the Bunlap people was on the travel channel. And it was over six hours long. So I have been pretty much spending today watching the Bunlap people and wandering if God is calling me to go there this summer. I will be committing this to prayer this week and will hopefully have some clarity by the end of the week. Apparently only a 150 tourists go to this island a year.