Monday, March 31, 2008


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So I just got back from an event in Florida. I know...I know..."suffering for the Lord." But hey wherever He sends me I am there. Here are some take aways:
- students gathered and shared there faith with people after the first message
- numerous students spent an hour with God
- students strived to hear and follow God's voice
- after a message called the inner circle a student siezed the challenge. He went on a jog with God (one of my challenges) then when he got to the end of his jogging spot he looked on the ground and saw a target on drawn in the sand...the exact image that was shared in the message. Spooky, cool, awesome.
- Partnering with the kindred spirit "apostle" Jeremy LeVan
- having lunch with the two guys that had to get sent home. Neither claim to be Christians but I have a sense that God is after them!
- Watching students begin to dream about how God coud use them and realizing that I need to develop a DREAM message.
- Giving Danielle, the only Senior, The ULTIMATE UNUSUAL SOLDIER T-Shirt award!