Friday, March 14, 2008

Maasai Project Meets 'Baal-Perazim!!

Baal-Perazim means the place where the Lord bursts through and the Lord did that in phenomenal ways over the past few months. Last Sunday we reached our $50,000 goal for the Maasai project. I remember having a stress day last July wandering what the days ahead would look like when such a huge goal was set to raise $50,000 for a disciple making project on top of my salary. See that day of decision here

As time progressed I was amazed to watch small groups, children's groups, strangers, churches, youth groups, college age groups, and individuals get involved. To my amazement God sparked a movement throughout our nation for the Maasai. It went from Colorado, to Nebraska, to Kansas, to Iowa, to New Mexico, to Nevada, to Washington, to Michigan, to Indiana, to Florida, to Missouri, to Virginia, to Tennessee, and even to Hawaii. I hate lists because I most likely forgot someone/somewhere, but I want you to know that so many of you were a part of something way bigger than yourselves, You were a part of a movement. Every financial gift mattered. From a small boys gift of $3 to a churches gift of $1,000+ dollars. Every gift will be used to make a difference.

What amazes me the most is that throughout the whole process we simply encouraged people to listen and obey. We never used intense persuasion, or long drawn out "info-mercial" presentations. And God did it! He prompted the hearts and those that felt prompted responded. Thank you for your obedience and thank your for those of you that led the charge in your own communities.

Now that we have reached our financial goal I am feeling a new weight- The weight of responsibility. Please continue to pray/fast for the Maasai Project as we do some major preparations for the Maasai project this week. God must go before us on this endeavor.