Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Out to the Bush- GO TIME

Late last night our four bags arrived! I finally got to change my clothes!
Dad, myself, and "Action Jackson" head out to the bush this morning. The rest of the guys made it safely to the bush last night. The conference will begin tonight and Simon has already done a lot of tweaking to it. It will undeniably be a heavy scheduled "Maasai Conference".

Tentative Schedule:

7pm- The Vision (Simon and Caleb)
9pm- Supper

5:00Am- Prayer Time
8:30- Matt Maloney (A Passion for the Lost)
10am- Moses
11:15- Carl Davis (Being Spirit led/Making disciples to the 4th generation)

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Charles- Keystone Project Training
2:30 Simon Saitoti (Evagelizing unreached villages)
4:00 Tea Break
4:15 Simon Kashibo
5:15 Go over Maps and Destination w/30 key men (Caleb, Simon, Charles)
6:00 Break
7:00 Supper
8:00 Charles- sparking a disciple making/church platinging movement

5:00am prayers and send off

Mike, Carl, David, Simon K, Jackson- Loita Hills
Caleb, Randy, Matt Maloney- Unknown Zone
Nate, Matt Allen- Kilminjaro region (may take over a day to get there)

Thanks for your prayers all. It is encouraging to know that many people are praying. The conference/exodus begins tonight so the bizman is about to become the bushman, which means good bye tech world.