Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pray Ridiculous Prayers for the Maasai at

This post was recently sent to the 'FACEBOOK MAASAI PROJECT CAUSE MEMBERS' feel free to join us:

When I went to the first unreached village in Africa a few years ago. I found out later that my wife had journaled a prayer for me on that very day in the states. She didn't pray, "Lord, please keep Caleb safe among these tribes," like most normal wives would do. My wife is WAY COOLER than that! She prayed, "God that would be amazing if a whole village came to know you today", and on that day an entire village responded to Christ! PRAYER MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!

If you want to take this M.P. cause to the next level and make it more than a link on your facebook then I want to encourage you to sign up for a 1/2 prayer slot on this website before next Friday April 11th:

Please journal your prayers and listen to the Lord as you pray. Feel free to pray ridiculous, impossible, miraculous, God-sized things. I would love to compare notes when we return. Feel free to post a prayer at the comments on this website or this one at anytime or on the 1/2 hour that you pray.

Oh...and by the way God did it! The $50,000 for the Maasai Project is in. Please quit sending us money and start praying and fasting! You are now over 500 strong and truly are some of God's UNUSUAL SOLDIERS!

Sign up for the cause on facebook here.