Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Maasai Project: Ups and Downs

The Good
- Everyone has Arrived!
- Money is Exchanged!
- All vehicles are rented
- Men are Geared up and ready!
- Great prayer time tonight
- The road to Simon's village is open again! Men head out to the bush tomorrow.

The Bad
- The Mengiki(rebel tribal sect) are freaky

The Ugly
- Our sending bags (Dad's and mine) have not arrived yet after 4 days.
They may come tomorrow night which will be our last chance to get them.

The bags contain:
- Our sound system
- 10 audio Maasai Bibles
- Our tent
- All of our clothes
- All of our food
- Sleeping bags/matts
- backpacks
- tools, inverters

- Yes, My dad and I have been in the same clothes since last Friday.
- Yes, Mike Basgall is a wild man- he tazored himself
- Yes, Maloney fell asleep during our prayer meeting (with good reason-jetlag)
- Yes, I am ready to go to the bush with nothing if our bags don't come in just to smack the devil in the face and prove to him that we need nothing but God alone! (Matthew 10)

Please look at this list and pray as you see fit