Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Cattle Raiders (part 1)

On our first night in the bush we were looking for a place to sleep. The sun had just gone down so we decided to stay at a man's house who had recently came to the Lord. When we pulled up to the man's boma we noticed that there were many angry looking men standing next to his boma. It was then that we discovered that area Maasai men had just stolen this man's cattle and that they were ready to do whatever it takes to get the cattle back.

I later asked Simon what extent raiders go to when they steal cows. He said, "they kill, man." On that night we slept right in front of the gate of the cattle pen. A very poor choice if you ask me. But Simon assured us not to worry.

Around midnight I woke up hearing Maasai chants in the distance. A loud, deep, echoing sound that I had never heard in my previous years to Maasailand. I kicked into 'staying alive' mode, I woke up my Dad and Maloney to alert them, and then I ran to find Simon. "It must be a Maasai war cry the raiders are coming," I thought to myself. I ran to every boma with a loud whisper, "Simon where are you? Simon wake up...they are coming..." (to be conitnued)