Monday, May 5, 2008

Cattle Raiders (part 2)

I continued to shout for Simon. "Simon where are you...wake up!"

Simon wouldn't budge but Wilson our other translator woke up. He then took Matt, my dad, and myself to scout the land to see what was happening. We got on our hands and knees in the dark of night to crawl through a small gate made out of twigs and thorns...and there they were. Not cattle raiders, but Maasai boys performing a ceremony near a fire. One of the teenage boys had just been circumsized so they were singing, chanting, and barking in honor of his courage of facing the knife. We found the circumsized boy was in his boma recovering from the knife. It is custom in Maasailand to go through stages of manhood and it is known that a boy must face the knife... before he faces the lion.

An elder of the tribe told us that we could speak to this gathering of people if we gave the circumsized boy a gift. Matt quickly ran to get a bible and gave it to the boy with words of encouragement.

After the exchange was made we were given the opportunity to speak to the village. Many of the chanters ignored us, but the rest of the village began to crowd in. Many listened, some responded.

It was a frightful night with a delightful ending. All praise to God.