Wednesday, May 14, 2008

7 Reasons Why You Should not Invite Me

Do yourself a favor. Never invite me to your Bachelor's Party. My sister in law got married to a wild man named Shane this last weekend. Tim (the other brother-in-law) and myself had the immense priviliage of taking Shane through the 7 hoops of Hell before he was granted permission to become family. Here were his 7 hoops:

1. Climb a tree and crossover to four others without touching the ground. (He did it no problem.)
2. Jump off a bridge into a lake with your clothes on. ( He refused to go with his clothes on so he decided to take the plunge in his skippy's. He procrastinated too long so I tossed his dry clothes into the lake to give him some worked)
3. Now that his clothes were wet he needed to go door to door to find some dry clothes. The only catch was that he needed to come out of a strangers house with a dress on. (He actually did it.)
4. After he got his dress he continued to go door to door to ask people to autograph a pair of their underwear and give it to him. (He hated it but he did it.)
5. After that he had to go to the wealthy marina in his dress and ask a stranger if he could take a ride on his "Zodiac". All he had to do was take the dingy out to the middle of the lake and back to the dock. He did it no problem.
6. Shane then had to make a sign and hold it up at the busiest section in town at a stop light begging people for money while still in his dress. (Being known as the wrestler in town he probably hated this one the most, however he did raise 20 bucks.)
7. With his 20 bucks he bought us ice cream and then had to sing a 2 minute solo to a man with a braided beard at the restraunt. He did it.

All 7 hoops conquered! Way to go Shane. I would have never done that junk!