Friday, May 2, 2008

The Forest of the Lost Child

Our team journeyed into an unknown region to try to plow our way through an impassible road in a place known as the forest of the lost child. A place of thick jungle and numerous animals. We got as far as we could and got to the point where we had to use machete if we were going to continue our trail- it was then that the cow bells rang.

Cattle began to come our way on this dark trail and behind them a 20 year old shepherd boy- a lost child. I had the opportunity to share Christ with this man and this was his first time that he had ever heard about Christ. The boy found truth in what we were saying andI sensed that he was truly sincere about coming to Christ. He later asked for a new name...a biblical I named him, "JOSHUA."

There are legends that in this jungle that there are large dangerous creatures and I was able to tell him about the large creatures that Joshua (and Caleb) took on in Canaan's land. He liked the name and began to talk about how he had always wanted to go to a school. My flesh may have kicked in a bit as I eyed his spear... I told him that I would pay for him to got to 3 semesters of a Christian School for his spear (buffalo, lion, and elephant had all fallen prey to the tip of his spear). He agreed and the exchange was made.

On my last day in Kenya Joshua called my translator and affirmed that he was in the city and ready to begin his Christian/English education. PTL!