Friday, May 2, 2008

The Dead Body

Last Night when we were driving to the Nairobi Airport our driver came up on something that will be forever etched in my mind- A dead body in the middle of the road.

We nearly hit it, and it was obvious that many cars had already treated it as common "road kill". When the driver saw it he said "Whoa, that is a human." I nearly gagged and couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. I asked the diver if we should do something. He simply replied, " no way if go back there we will be killed." According to my driver anytime a person is hit by a car the driver never stops or he would be killed by whomever witnessed the incident.

My stomach continued to turn after I saw this and when I was checking in at the ticket counter it hit me hard. So hard that when I was in the middle of checking in my bags I had to tell the check-in lady that I needed to be excused so that I could run to the restroom. I left my stuff with her and made the sprint. I don't know if anything has ever disturbed me to the point of sickness before.

There were no police, no ambulances, no good samaritans, just a body that nobody seemed to care about in the middle of the road. I am still processing this and I am currently left with one word- DISTURBING.