Friday, May 23, 2008

Hitting the road with Chi Alpha

Tomorrow we hit the road with Chi Alpha the next 10 days. The whole family will be heading out to Nashville to speak at some interesting places. We will be going to prisons, juvenile homes, Lifeway publishers, Open air concerts, and of course a homecoming concert at Pinelake.

We LOVE the MISSION of this Chi Alpha team and it is always a new adventure with them. Almost every place we go is evangelistic which is a lot harder than a typical "camp". Evangelistic messages take everything out of me probably because of what is at stake. I am sure that you pastor types can relate. However giving people the opportunity to enter a relationship with Christ is ALWAYS worth it, right?

If you get a moment please pray that God will give me a Romans 9:3 passion for these people and that His spirit will invade these people in radical ways.