Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Allies in Christ,

The Maasai Project blew my expectations away. I find it hard to put into words what exactly happened because SO MANY things took place among the 30 groups and I am still processing them.

Here are some bullet points of what God did and is doing:

* 31 teams were successfully sent out to the bush
* 1,475 people received Christ
* numerous villages heard of Christ for the first time
* one team went back to the bush to start a disciple movement immediately after the conference
* According to Simon there are nearly 34 places that granted the teams permission to start a new churches (to begin disciple making movements)
* One team got to sit in on a meeting of 6 witchdoctors and shared the love of Christ with them
* Numerous miracles and healings took place among the groups
* One team slept at a place where there was a cattle raid. Later that night God opened up a door to share Christ to variety of people from different villages at a circumcision ceremony.
* Some entire villages responded to the gospel.
* 11 denominations were a part of the EXODUS! This was the first time these denominations had ever linked hands with a common cause. At the celebration numerous people from more denominations came expressing their desire to join the movement of reaching the unreached.
* High elected Maasai officials came to the celebration
* The representative of indiginous people for the UNITED NATIONS made my aquaintence on my last few days in Africa. He was a man of great influence. We laughed alot and I planted many seeds about Christ in his heart, but he was not ready to make a decision for Christ.
* A man in the deep jungle gave his heart to Christ, changed his name to Joshua, and was given money (as test) to receive an education at a Christian school (trick move to disciple). On the day we were leaving he called to say that he was at the school and ready to go! The man also gave me (Caleb) his spear that had killed buffalo, lion, and elephant in exchange for his education. It is a spear that I will undoubtedly treasure.

Some of the challenges the groups faced:

* A rebel sect of the Kikuyu tribe dug a trench across the road that led to Simon's village. They burned vehicles and killed 12 people the day before we left to go to Simon's boma for the conference. Our hostel warned everyone not to travel that direction. However the next day opposition had ceased and we had no option but to go in that direction.
* A demon possessed man opposed one of the Christian teams
* One group got chased by aggressive Elephants
* A close friend of Simon's had a baby that died at a hospital (a place Simon recommended to the family) the day before the conference.
* One man beat his family for accepting Christ. Later that night they snuck out of their boma while he was sleeping to hear more about Christ!
* Numerous breakdowns and issues in the mud (rivers)
* Simon's father got a strong illness while we were on the Exodus
* One witch doctor drowned the day after he chose not to receive Christ
* Simon (my translater) was in a taxi that got shot at and almost got robbed. The man sitting in front of him got shot in the head and was rushed to the hospital immediately.
* Caleb's taxi nearly ran over a dead body in the middle of the road on his way to the airport.

What a God Adventure with many ups and downs. Thank you for all of your support and prayers. These are as much your GOD stories as they are ours. But most importantly they are HIS stories. Because without Him there would be no story. I can't wait to see what God has waiting for us in the future.


Biz, Jess, Trace
"this exodus has shaken all of maasailand"- Simon Saitoti