Monday, May 5, 2008


It may take quite a while to actually capture all that happened in the 30 groups and there will most likely be some untold stories. I have only watched three of the thirty reports on video and will try to get as much info out to you as possible. Here are some random happenings that may be articles in the near future:

- Team Chased by elephants
- Witch Doctor dies after not receiving Christ
- Man beats his family for responding to the gospel
- Demon possessed man opposes the Christian
- Numerous miracles/healings
- Impossible puddle/river crossing (on Video)
- Baboon threatens Caleb (on Video)
- Bear mace goes off in Vehicle
- Apx. 34 commitments to start new churches
- New lives came to Christ in every destination
- One new church near Kilminjaro is currently in effect
- All thirty teams showed up at the conference
- 4 am prayer times
- First time unity among the different 11-16 different denominations
- All thirty (P.O.J) vheicles showed up for departure time
- All thirty vehicles made it back for the celebration
- Young mother was so strongly burdened that she took her baby to the bush