Thursday, May 1, 2008

Simon's "Spiritual" Battles during the Conference

Simon had four major attacks during the Exodus Conference

1.Rebels set up roadblock
Hours after Simon traveled to Nairobi to meet the Americans the Mungiki's (a rebel sect of the Kikuyus) set up rebel road blocks on the road between Simon's boma (hut) and Nairobi. They dug a trench across the road and they set cars on fire and killed numerous innocent people with their machetes. After Simon got to Nairobi his phone continued to ring off the hook from other Maasai checking up on him to see if he was okay.

2. Sick baby died

When Simon took the first group of Americans to the bush they stopped at a hospital in Kijabe to pray for a baby that was sick. Simon had recommended this hospital to the baby's mother, but despite the prayers and medicine the baby died a day before the conference. Simon felt a weight of pain and pressure at the beginning of the conference because he had recommended this "westernized" hospital to the baby's mother.

3. Simon's dad gets seriously ill
During the Exodus send off Simon discovered that his dad was ill. Simon said in an interview that he even feared for his fathers life. Our team had the chance to give his father medicine and prayer. His father also ended up going to the hospital and I have not heard the latest news on how he is doing.

4. Simon's taxi gets shot at
On the last day of the Exodus Simon got in a taxi late at night to get some work done for his Visa. On the way to Nairobi armed rebels tried to rob their taxi. When the driver saw what was about to happen he tried to speed away. The robbers then shot their guns at the taxi. Simon said screams and prayers began to echo through the van when the bullets pierced their vehicle. The man sitting in front of Simon was shot in the head and taken directly to the hospital. Simon was literally 12 inches away from losing his life the day before the Exodus celebration. This would have obviously quenched all of the spiritual momentum that was felt at the Celebration.

Despite the many attacks on Simon God has prevailed and proven Himself faithful!