Thursday, May 15, 2008

Travis Pastrana:The Greatest Athlete Alive

Travis has been on my prayer list for years (along with Gibson and Eminem). I have recently sensed a stronger urgency to pray for Pastrana. Since I have started praying for him some interesting things have taken place:

I met Travis at a motocross race and told him that I had been praying for him. He told me that his Dad was far from God, but that his mom was totally a Christian. He went on to say that he was not really spiritual.

I met some of his motocross friends and they seem to be all about Christ. Here are a few Christians he is connected with: Kyle Loza (X game gold medalist), Nate Adams (X games gold medalist), Kenny Bartman, Mike Metzger, and even Mad Mike Jones

- Years ago he had an extremely bad accident in his car. Unfortunately his wake up call never turned his gaze towards Christ

- My friend Joshua Seller randomly ended up on a mission trip with his mom. Joshua told her that we were praying for Travis and she broke down in tears. A year later Joshua met Travis and sang in his mom's wedding.

- Another friend of mine Brandon Heideman a chaplain for motocross also randomly met Travis' mom and she urged him to pray that Travis finds the Lord.

Who is this Travis? In my opinion..the greatest athlete that has ever lived in desperate need of Jesus. Is there an influencer that God is calling you to lift up? It has been quite the journey and I would highly recommend asking God to put someone on your heart. Who knows maybe it could change the world?