Monday, June 2, 2008

Chi Alpha Greatest Hits-Lifeway Ministries

What do you say when you have 10 minutes to speak at Lifeway Ministries? This was a struggle for me. I knew little about their ministry so I walked their halls to see what was familiar outside of Billy Graham being associated with them. I saw a picture on the wall of a guy named Thom Rainer and that is when it all clicked. I knew Thom Rainer from a quote that I had heard years ago before my first trip to Africa. He "sentenced" me- he wrote a sentence that changed me. I actually blogged about it here

So once again Chi Alpha nailed it, God moved, and I spoke about the power of "sentencing" people.

Here was the Basic message outline:

1. My discovery that Thom Rainer was their president
2. Thom Rainers quote (sentence) that changed me- gave me permission to be dangerous
3. Living out that Sentence my first trip to Africa
4. There is power in the sentences that you write! Who knows one sentence you write could result in changing one nation on the other side of the world.

BTW- The stain glass window has a hidden picture in it from a story in the Bible. Any guesses which story it is?