Monday, June 2, 2008

Chi Alpha Greatest Hits-Unbreakables

When we arrived in the juvenile Detention center our camera man David was disappointed when he discovered that we would not be able to take any video however God had a different plan for him. David sat up in the bleachers with some of the guys at the center. He introduced himself to one of the guys and discovered that they shared the same name. He felt an immediate connection. David immediately felt God saying that this "inmate" was going to get saved. However, after the concert started the inmate left the bleachers, and David was disappointed that he had not heard God correctly.

When it came time for the message it was evident that this would be a tough crowd. When I talked...they talked. Security told someone that this is a group that is really hard to break through too. The group got so out of hand that I had to go to my last resort to bring them back in...I screamed. I didn't say anything when I screamed...I just screamed. That "spaz" moment actually reeled them back in and by the end of the message God bursts through. The invitation was to stand in front of everyone to receive Christ. We assumed no one would stand but many of these hard core men stood to their feet to receive Christ.

David gazed the crowd as people made decisions for Christ and noticed that his new friend raised his hands to the heavens during the prayer and received Christ as well. I truly believe that David reaching out to David was essential in him coming to Christ.