Monday, June 23, 2008

Christian Hosoi (Big Ticket festival)

I got the privilege of hanging out with Christian Hosoi at Big Ticket. He is a legendary skateboarder that ruled the vert ramps with Tony Hawk back in 80's. He found Christ in prison and now that he is on the outside he is following after Christ hard. He told me that he has had a few conversations with Tony Hawk about Christ but Tony basically said that stuff is fine for my kids but I don't want it because I got all I need right now. This was great insider info because I have always wandered where Tony was at spiritually.

Adrian Despres sat with Christian and I at the lunch table and Christian later initiated a prayer time over Adrian before he spoke main stage at Big Ticket. It was pretty awesome. I hope that God somehow weaves our paths together again in the future. Christian is the Real Deal. Check him out if you have no idea who I am talking about: