Monday, June 9, 2008

CRASH DAY- Why am I always tired?

Somebody once told me that every time they read my blog that I am saying that I am tired or wiped out. So here is a BIZ LIST to help me explore why I am dead all the time and to help you understand why you may continue to see it woven into my blog.

1. I have struggled with fatigue since highschool and the dumb junk won't go away...its my thorn.
2. Speaking to crowds totally goes against how I am wired...I am an introvert who became a speaker.
3. According to research giving a 45 minute passionate message to a crowd does the same to your body as an 8 hour work day...sometimes 2-4 messages are given a day.
4. I get sick all the time because of the constant people interaction... Nerves kick in before an event, during an event I usually pick up some bug, and after an event the germs always seem to kick it up a few notches.
5. Sometimes between events there is no down time...its one mountain top to the next without a valley.
6. Constantly meeting new people is a joy... but it can be very mentally exhausting when you are the kind of guy that likes to stride on the quiet side.
7. Riding on airplanes across time zones really messes with me...especially international flights.
8. The commute just to get to the airport from Nowhere, Nebraska is 3-4 hours...the real killer is driving home after an event.
9. I just tallied up the past 5 months and discovered I have been on the road 89 days...I am still learning to say "no."
10. I am so sticking driven that I drive myself brain never stops dreaming crazy world-wide dreams.
11. The Doc says I am borderline hypoglycemic...which means I need to eat a few more peanuts.
12. Physical discipline has been hard to get a hold of when you are always here there and everywhere...but that will change.
13. The food that you eat on the road doesn't usually fit into the quality category...unless you are with Chi Alpha :)-
14. As a youth pastor the most taxing part of my job was fundraising...and now I raise support for a living and for mission projects.

So thats why I am tired. Which brings me to another question, why do I do what I do? Because I have found nothing in life more rewarding and fulfilling than seeing God work in people's lives world-wide. In short, Its Worth It.