Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Faith Jumpers (Ichthus Recap)

I am a sucker for people taking leaps of faith. I just got an email from a "youth pastor" named Mark that I met at Ichthus a year ago. Last year he told me that he was feeling nudged to take a leap of faith to start a church. What was exciting to me was that this year he took that leap. Check out their vision vid here. Nicely done fellas and may God bless your faithfulness.

This year a 27 year old man in long dreadlocks stood up at the close of one of my messages. He later told me that he had been feeling a nudge to start an adventure ministry near the Red River Gorge. His loan had just gotten approved that week and he sensed that now the Lord was asking him to make the jump. He is scared to leap but the calling seems unavoidable. He has come to the point where he realizes that if he doesn't leap he will never know what might of been. God only knows what kind of story that guy in dreads will have to tell if we meet again at Ichthus next year.

Has God been nudging you to jump lately? Know that you are not alone and that there are many people out there taking the leap. At best you will know the beauty of what living your calling is all about and at the worst you will at least know that you dared greatly in attempts to find your calling. There is beauty in both. What do you have to lose?