Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girl in the Stands (Big Ticket)

While I was preparing my message for main stage I tried to find a place to hide out to review my notes before go-time. I sat at the top of some bleachers that sat in front of the action sports. While I was up there a girl approached me (she did not know I was a speaker)and said that I looked like I needed company. Not sure of her intentions I started asking her alot of questions and soon found that she was the lonely one. Not only was she lacking friends but she was lacking Christ. She attended a Catholic church and decided that wasn't for her so she became an atheist. As she sat by me I knew that I was about to hit the main stage and fought with what was more important. Preaching to a crowd or speaking to this one lost person. I chose this girl and hoped I was prepared enough for my message to the crowd. I wish I could say that that girl came to Christ at that moment, but she didn't. She was 99% of the way there and I did not want to force the 1%. I decided to pray for her before we parted ways and when I was done she looked at me and said, "So that is what a prayer sounds like." I couldn't believe it this girl had never heard a prayer before or at least not one that sounded personal. I told her that prayer was just a conversation and I invited her to come to my booth after Adrian Despres spoke later that night. Hoping that that would be her moment to cross the line.

And later that night...she never showed up.

Sometimes ministry doesn't go the way we want it to but we have to trust that as long as we are obedient to God that it goes the way He wants it to.