Sunday, June 15, 2008


I drove by a hitchhiker today and was quickly reminded of a commitment that I made to the Lord years ago. I made a commitment a long time ago that if I am ever by myself and have room in my car then I will pick them up. So I made a quick illegal u-turn on the interstate and went back to pick up this wild old vagrant on the side of the bypass.

This nomad of another kind, George, had been on the road 7 days thumbing his way from Arkansas to Cheyenne. He had six cents, a sun scared face, a love for Jesus, and high hopes of getting his pension for being a vietnam vet. He had been sleeping under bridges at night fighting the mosquitoes in efforts to stay warm and dry from the recent rainstorms. Like most of these guys he had grand stories of achievement while he was a soldier and while he worked as a fishermen in the Atlantic. However he also had some stories of pain like being divorced three times, and the heartache of not have a connection with his kids. Infact, he said that no one had any connection with him. He was sixty year old man going through life alone. He was just a nobody to everybody...a modern day invisible man.

I really enjoyed our time in the car together and after he left I was reminded of that scripture in Matthew 25 that states whatever you do for the least of my brothers you do for me. It led me to entertain the thought that I had just hung out with "Jesus" for the previous hour. There was such a presence of God in the car as we were together and I would have missed it if I would have not turned around.

Are you a "drive by" kind of guy. You see them, drive by them, pray for them, and then just keep driving. I encourage you to take a bold risk and stop the next time you see someone in need. It is such a joy to be a part of letting an "invisible" person know that they are people too, and that YOU SEE THEM.