Saturday, June 14, 2008

IS IT? (Icthus Recap)

I was able to bust out a couple messages at Ichthus. One of them was titled "UNUSUAL SOLDIERS" and the other one was called "A Dangerous Invitation". I felt like I gave the right messages to the right people and only time will tell what happened in people hearts.

People always seem to have a habit of asking me how my messages went. Which is great question but always hard to answer. What is a bad, good, successful or even an anointed message...anyway?
Is it a message where I don't say "um" very much?
Is it a message that "felt" like it flowed?
Is it a message where I scrapped my notes?
Is it a bunch of people repeating a prayer after me?
Is it a message that has a large alter call response?
Is large number of people crying at the close of a message?
Is it me tearing up as I give my message?
Is it people prostrate on the ground before God?
Is it how many people raise their hands during worship after the message?
Is it people telling you that that was a good message?
Is it people telling you that you are the greatest speaker they ever heard?

Its funny how these "IS ITS" can lead us to thinking that we had a successful ministry night. I use to strive after quite a few of these typical experiences and yes many of them are good, maybe even great, but they often left me empty as a speaker. Because I would notice so many commitments and so few changed lives.

I have recently been calling out the few rather than the masses. I have often told the crowd the application at the beginning of the message and spent the rest of the message trying to talk them out of it. Trying to make it hard. Because I want them to step into something beyond emotion, beyond praying words out loud, beyond getting on their face. I want the dangerous few to step into something that messes up their old paradigm, something real, something radical, something that propels them to action, something that sparks movement.

Isn't that what Jesus did? How do you define "success" after you give a message?