Monday, June 23, 2008

Kyle Loza (Big Ticket Festival Recap)

Last year I was watching the X-games and I jumped through the roof when I found out the FMX winner for Best trick Kyle Loza was a Christian. Who would have known that I would meet him a year later. I had the privilege to meet him at BIG TICKET. I love meeting guys who love Jesus and love risk. I have a sense that God has somehow wired me to mobilize guys like them in the future. I mentioned to Kyle about the possibilities of going on a high risk mission trip and I wanted to know if he would be ever up for something like that. He seemed interested and wanted contact info so who know what will ever come of it.

I told him that I would be praying for him as he is jumping at the X games this year and it would be sweet if you joined me in prayer. When he jumps we pray. I will post the dates soon.

Like Christian Hosoi he is the real deal and there is a ton of temptation in the X games world. I tried to get the skinny on what trick he would be doing at the X-games this year and I think that he is going for the "Electic-Death". He nor anyone else has ever landed this trick in a competion that I know of check it our below.