Monday, June 9, 2008

Listening for God's Voice (Missions Monday)

While I was speaking at The Experience I challenged a group of College students to listen for God's voice at the close of a message. One guy was so skeptical but he decided to go for it hoping that he wasn't being too "fairytailish" or fanatical. As he tried to listen for God's voice for the first time in his life he sensed that there was a dark skinned woman in a long glossy red dress that he needed to talk to. He shared with the group that he thought that this was insane but he just wanted everyone to know what he saw.

At the close of the prayer time I dropped one group off at the biggest Mosque in Denver and basically told them to do whatever it was that God was prompting them to do and then I took the other team to a Somalian Refugee hang-out (all Muslims). The student that saw the lady in red was very skeptical and nervous about the whole idea of trying to find this woman. Our team saw a woman right away in red, but we hesitated because it wasn't quite a match to what he saw. Our team had some great spiritual conversations with people but time was getting away from us and there was still no "red dress".

As a leader you hate to watch someone going through this battle of questioning God's voice. When we got into the car to leave the student said I am going to go check one last time. He ran into a tiny market store and there she was a Somalian woman dressed in a glossy, red dress from head to toe. He built up the nerve and approached her. He complimented her dress, and said he would like to get his girlfriend one sometime (so she wouldn't think that he was hitting on her). He then told her that he felt like God wanted her to know that Jesus loves her very much and that he had a Christ like compassion for her also. Their conversation was short but the message of Jesus of spoken. The student came back so energized that he had found the exact person that God had called him to when everyone else had given up.

I have come to believe that God's Voice is essential in world wide missions. There is nothing more exciting than knowing that you are doing exactly what God wants you to do, not to mention its a Big Bonus knowing that He has your back from start to finish.

For more on hearing God's Voice check out the words from two men who have had a massive world wide impact on the world due to listening prayer. Loren Cunningham's bookwill inspire you to follow after God's voice and Seth Barnes article shares some great insights on how you can begin a life journey of listening and following after God.