Monday, June 23, 2008

Massai Project Update: 7 Churches in Effect

Simon came to America for a month after the Maasai Project but we never got to connect. Now Simon is back in the bush of Africa and he gave me a quick follow-up report on what God is going in Africa. Currently six visionary churches have been launched and the 7th one will be launched this Sunday. The other groups are still planning on launching more churches soon.

While Simon was in America he was able to show people our Maasai Project DVD. It spread like fire he said and 100's of copies were made and given out to people. He told me that he almost cried because he felt like America was getting a burden for the unreached that they had not had before. Our conversations got cut short due to our connection, but I know that both of us left encouraged. Who would have thought that the Maasai Project could motivate people not only in Africa but also in America.

Two things that God is revealing to me about my future ministry:
1. Video is a powerful tool and will reach places that I won't
2. Keep listening to God ...keep risking for God...keep obeying God

Hopefully our lasted "Maasai Project DVD" will be out by Christmas. If you have ideas of what to include in it to best grip the audience please let us know.