Friday, July 4, 2008

The Birth of the Maasai Project?

A couple days ago I was spending time with the Lord. As I read back through some of my early journals I was AMAZED to find a drawing of an impression the Lord had given me in the Domincan Republic the summer before my first Africa trip.

2004- I drew the picture below after a time of listening to the Lord in the Dominican Republic, with a caption beside it that said "keep searching for this boy." The impression was of a young boy in a robe/shorts, with a staff, and a single prop airplane behind him. This impression was months before I knew anything about the Maasai. Perhaps this was the birth of the Maasai Project with out me even knowing it.
2007- On our second trip to Africa we chartered a single prop airplane to GPS villages. When we landed on a landing strip a young Maasai boy wearing a robe/shorts with a staff in his hand approached us. He had never heard of Christ, but on that day he gave his heart to Christ. (actual picture of him below)
2008- We drove near that same landing strip and saw a boy washing up in a small water whole. We felt compelled to stop to meet him. We did not recognize the boy but he recognized us. He told us that we were the one's who had led him to Christ the year prior on the landing strip. The boy then introduced us to his brothers and to his friends...they all came to Christ! We also discovered that this boy's parents had both died and that the siblings were left to survive on their own. All of this interaction was happening while I had no recollection of the picture I had drawn in 2004 .(pictured below)
I am not sure if my mission with this boy is over. When I fly through Nairobi in August I may have to once again, "FIND THIS BOY."