Monday, July 7, 2008

The Maasai Movement Continues...

Simon recently rented a car from Nairobi and took it out to the bush to launch a disciple making movement in an area that had been evangelized last April. It was a success! There are now 9 official churches started throughout Maasailand and it is catching fire. Other groups are still making plans to get back out to the bush and launch their church. What is amazing is that God is making the movement happen without any financial assistance from America. It is amazing what a burden for the lost can drive you to do and achieve for God.

On the way back form the bush Simon's rental car hit some ruts and rolled the car. Praise the Lord that Simon and the two that were with him were ok. But their uninsured rental car was totaled and the place they rented the car from is demanding $2,500USD. Simon may hav to sell his herd of cows to cover costs but he told me to tell everyone behind this mission to praise the Lord for this accident. He sees this accident as a sign of spiritual warfare from the enemy and believes that Satan is on a rampage to stop it...and according to Simon that is a sure sign that we are doing something right. Simon's closing words to me on the phone were, "whether we live or die we are the Lords!"

You got to love a guy with that spirit. I am praying that I will find more guys like him around the world that are ready to endeavor on some bold initiatives for God.

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