Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Charles, Virginia, Spencer, Nathan

Charles "Rock-Solid"
The thinker of the group. He likes to think before he speaks and often when he speaks something profound or deep exits his mouth. He is also extremely solid in his faith. He has never went through a rebellious stage and never plans to, he is like a rock solid immovable mountian. He will most likely be a man that disciples others in to becoming the real deal for Christ!

Virginia "Blazing-Star"
She is as sweet as they come and perhaps as fearless as they come. She was the first person to lead someone to Jesus on a choir tour a few weeks ago. Like my wife she has a fire for Jesus inside of her that radiates and blazes brighter than most. She is the type of person that you know... she knows Jesus... before you know her. She is a bright star will will bring the light of Christ to the darkest of places.

Spencer "Charing-Bison"
Spencer is a beast when it comes to worship and living for Christ. He gives a 100% all the time. He is often looked to as a leader and a guide to others that have stumbled or fallen in their faith. His strength for Christ has driven him to forcefully charge the gates of Hades with a heart of love for the lost. The path he has chosen will leave a trail of changed lives as he presses forward in the faith.

Nathan "Night-Hawk"
Nathan is the life of the party type. Always up or anything, always wanting to be challenged, and always ready for "Go time". Nathan seems to be the type of guy that will soar the highest when he is in the darkest of places for Christ. He is ready to put everything on the line for Christ. His flight in dark places will lead him to incredible spiritual battles for lost souls.