Tuesday, July 1, 2008

World Phone (Missions Monday)

If you are like me it is easy to get frustrated overseas when you have no access to a telephone or internet to keep people on the homefront updated on your latest status. I bought THIS PHONE a few months ago and it may be something that you would want to check into. It works in 170 countries and the phone number never changes. The bonus is that there is no monthly fee and that you only pay when you call someone. To keep the cost down I used it to text my wife while I was in the bush in Africa. It was a type of "email" system for us. It may be something that you want to look into if your got some world wide adventures in your future. If you decide to purchase one please let me know that you go one. When you refer others to get this phone you also get lifelong discounts when using it. There is also a $49 phone that works in 150 outside of the US.