Monday, August 25, 2008


1. Works primarily with nationals
2. Used greatly by God but walks in Humility
3. Thinks outside the Box of his generation
4. Compliments the efforts of missionaries
5. Goes where God calls no matter what the Costs
6. Board helps him discern God's voice
7. Traveled less as kids grew older
8. He recommends taking your wife with you once every 1.5 years
9. 3.5 weeks is the longest he has been away from home
10. Takes time to replenish after and long trips
11. Excellent promoter of events
12. Events are paid for out of his ministry's budget
13. Physical fitness is extremely important
14. Retirement is not on his radar at the moment
15. STM keeps their finances completely visible w/o ECFA
16. Raises support primarily through sending out Newsletters
17. Does not ask for money
18. Trust God no matter what the crowd size at his crusades
19. Took a financial faith step and started preaching less in America to preach more globally
20. Makes sure a follow up system is set up at big evangelistic events

1. Both have sensed a call to dark and difficult places
2. Both sense that listening to God is a priority
3. Both value working with the nationals
4. Both enjoy dreaming outside of the box
5. Loud on a stage quieter off the stage

1. He appears to be called to the masses, whereas I appear to be called to the remote
2. He appears to be more of an evangelist and I am more of an apostle (church planter)
3. Winning the lost is his passion, mobilizing people to win the lost is mine
4. Suit + tie= Tippit, Blue jeans + black shirt= Bislow