Thursday, August 28, 2008

Maasai Church Plant

Though my quick stop in Nairobi didn't go as I planned, I did have the opportunity to visit with one of our church planters named Issac. Issac is a thin, short, and wirery man with a huge heart for the lost. Issac had great success in the bush during the Exodus last April and decided to do whatever it took to keep the fire alive and start a church. Issac had no money so he sold one of his goats and made a three day hike to launch a new church. Issac has discipled a new convert who now reads from God's word to the village when he can't be there. God used this ordinary man with a burden to launch a church. Issac's commitment to the cause is an inspiration to the other pastors and it is believed that many of the others will soon follow suit.

Total churches planted since the Exodus in April: 11
Total churches planted since the first trip to Africa in 2005: 13