Monday, August 4, 2008

Prairie Camp Cliff Notes

Dare to Follow- It was awesome to do a camp with a theme that shared the title of a recent article I wrote. Check out their goal for camp:
God is looking for individuals who will be fully devoted to him; 21st century disciples who will risk it all for the sake of the call. The invitation that he made to the original twelve disciples is still extended to us today. Christ stands before us asking us to commit whole heartedly to him and follow as the disciples did so many years ago. This year we will discover together what it means to follow, as we encourage each other to run the race that has been set before us. We invite you to come expectantly to camp this year. This could be the very place God uses to meet you in a fresh and new way. Will you come? Will you follow?
That could be a Bislow Ring tone if their was such a thing

Listening- All Cabins took a time out to hear God's Voice

Following- All Cabin's were Sent Out to follow God's prompting
A few Impressions people felt:
"421 Sample Street" it ended up being the jail in South bend so they ministered to a lady that just got out of jail.
"Need to move"counselor found a job and a place to stay in one day
"Hospital" a couple groups went to the hospitals hnding out gift baskets
"Homeless people" at least one group was able to invest in the homeless a couple even came to Christ
"Water bottles" many bought water to hand out to people...and many more

Missed Opportunities-At the end of camp I had the people that wanted to come to Christ stand up and then I had everyone else look to see who they were. I had a passionate moment and told them that they had missed opportunities and that they can not rely on the speaker to lead Christ all the time because the speaker is going home. After I spoke many of those that stood were led to Christ by their friends or their counselors.

Old Pals- I got to see plenty of buddies from the past and I had the chance to meet up with some new friends

Carrie- one of the best visionary leaders out there in camp ministry

Teaming Up with the Lehane Gang- Its always good teaming up with friends from the past

If you were at camp and happen to stumble across this blog. I would love to hear your God story. What was your big take-away?