Friday, August 8, 2008


I have spent eight years in the waiting stages to launch a ministry fully committed to raising up Unusual Soldiers and now the day has come. A few months ago I felt like the Lord said, "This summer is it...draw a line in the sand and go for it." 8/8/08 was that line and today I am publicly stepping across it. I talked to numerous advisers, attorneys, ministries, and others trying to discern how to go about fulfilling this calling and came to an obvious conclusion. I expressed my desire to KBM to fully commit to this cause and they gave me the thumbs up to launch it under their umbrella. So this year I will be speaking less nationally and trying to do more internationally as well as launch a couple small training programs for a select few UNUSUAL SOLDIERS.

You can join the UNUSUAL SOLDIER COALITION on Facebook here. This will allow me to keep you in the loop on the latest happenings and opportunities.

Also you should be able to get to a simple but new website by clicking here ( later tonight. The website is still a work in progress, but you should get the general gist of what you can expect in the upcoming months. If you want to get the verbal lowdown of what is happening subscribe to the podcast on the new site and listen to "What is up with 8/8/08?". This podcast will also take you on a rapid tour of the website.