Monday, September 22, 2008

Upcoming Missionary Ventures

I noticed that on the KBM team that I seem to feel like a different kind of itinerant, however I am still an itinerant by definition. I have personally always been drawn to the dark places and realize that those places will never call KBM in search of a speaker. After talking with Sammy Tippit I began to realize the importance of pulling away from American events in order to endeavor more globally into such regions. It will be a financial risk, but I know that I must disengage from the paying events for a season in order to prepare and pursue the dark places I have felt called to.

It is not my desire to go alone on these trips so here are a few upcoming missionary ventures that you can apply for to join me in reaching for the unreached.

The application process is strenuous, but once again this isn't "church camp" that you are signing up for this is UNUSUAL SOLDIERS.