Thursday, September 11, 2008


There are good movies and then there are movies that "Just Mess You Up." I have seen plenty of good movies, but only a rare few movies have had a deep affect on me. I think that I just watched one of those movies tonight. After getting "messed up" I decided that I would scan my mind really quick to see what other movies have profoundly "messed me up" and try to see if there is a theme.

Braveheart- A story about a man that has a cause to die for. It's one of the most talked about movies in ministry and sure that gets kind of "annoying" but what draws me to this movie is that William Wallace was a real man on a real mission. Obviously parts of the story were exaggerated, but the ending wasn't. This was an ordinary man whose broken heart led him to action, and that action inspired a nation. In the end it cost him his life, but the inspiration of his comrades never died.

End of the Spear- A missionary team sees the salvation of a hostile tribe worth risking everything for. It wasn't the theatrics of this "B" movie that moved me. It was the fact that this was a real story. Real people made it their mission to bring Christ to a hated nation. Real people sacrificed everything and then real wives and real children went back into the bush to love the men that killed their husbands and fathers.

Titanic- I hate to admit it, but I couldn't sleep for three days after this movie. Not because of the "romance", but because of the reality of the situation. Real people died. Some people fought to be in the boats so that they would survive. Some people thought their social class gave them a higher priority to stay alive. Some people gave up their lives and died in the frozen water. And then there were real people that wanted to risk their own lives to overload the boats so that more would be saved.

102 minutes- I just watched this on the History Channel it it messed me up. Once again a real story and real footage of 9/11. The real footage seemed to take me there more than the previous news reporters and dramas that have been made. The parts that seemed to cut really deep was the reality of human suffering, and fireman who marched into the buildings with trembling in their eyes. Those firemen knew that their mission was about to cost them everything and still they continued to march forward.

So what is it that is in these movies that strikes me to the core and seems to motivate me to be active in my faith.
1. REAL STORIES seem to force me not to compare, but to reexamine my own life
2. There is Great Suffering: Loss of Freedom, Drowning , Lost in a remote Region, Fire
3. A select few people rise up to stop the Suffering
4. The few are willing to risk their own lives to put a stop to the suffering of others

God, make my life, a life that sees the suffering (the lost) around us, and awaken me and others to go beyond sight. Commission us to action, use us to put a stop to it. May we join you and step into a realm that truly lives like we have a cause to die for.

What Movies have"Messed You Up?