Thursday, October 9, 2008

EXODUS RWANDA 2009 (in effect)

While I was in Sudan I met Joesph,an event coordinator from Rwanda. Joseph has a fire in his heart to reach the unreached and has organized crusades of over 30,000 people all throughout Africa. When he heard about the Exodus in Maasailand he was filled with excitement and asked if we would do that in his land. He said that many had brought the gospel to the cities after the genocide but that those that lived in the mountains had been forgotten. Joseph stated that for $30,000 we could launch 20-25 visionary churches in the lost regions. Joseph knows what he is talking about because he has already launched 50 in the more urban areas.

Joseph has a proven resume. He has worked with Rick Warren, Franklin Grahm, Sammy Tippit, and Joyce Meyer. He is a "gitter done" guy.

While all this is nice I have been wrestling with whether to do another Exodus. I quickly made the following excuses...
- The economy is too bad to do it now
- People won't respond since we just did it last year
- $30,000 is too much of money in too little time
- My personal support is dropping...etc

Well last night God specifically spoke to a group of students(mostly junior high)who had been praying about whether it should be a go. Yes you read it right, Junior high students. They got together to discuss what they had heard from the Lord and they concluded, "Yes."

Let it be known that this 2009 endeavor is in effect because "sons and daughters are prophesying." Lets do this thing!