Friday, October 10, 2008


The "Final" Phase of the Maasai Project is in effect. The three key Maasai leaders of the Exodus are currently on planes flying to the USA. Their final destination will be in Keystone, South Dakota- home of Mount Rushmore. The keystone project blessed these three men by financing everything from planes tickets, to food, to training costs.

Richard Green will be the main instructor. He previously spent years in Africa as a missionary and God used him to spark a disciple making movement throughout the emtire continent of Africa. As a result of his tenure over 50,000 churches were planted there and over 2.5 million disciples were been made.

My job is to partner with the Maasai as a coach this month. I am eager to help them further their strategy and impact nation wide. With God all things are possible and our vision to reach a nation has not wavered.