Sunday, October 5, 2008

Whatever it Takes (Missions)

I love the story in the Bible of the men who ripped apart a roof to get their friend to Jesus. They did whatever it took with out thinking twice about "offending" the owner of the house.

VOM the martyrs is doing whatever it takes to reach people in North Korea- a land that I hope to one day step on. North Korea is the most dangerous country for Christians to live in. People are mandated to follow "Juche" which is basically a religion that mandates total obedience and worship of the dictator. Children are given one piece of candy a year and are forced to "pray" a thank you to the dictator. Its a mess to the highest degree and evangelizing this place is a "guaranteed" torturous imprisonment. Unless of course you think outside the box. Some may laugh at this video's way of taking the gospel into North Korea, but I applaud it. This is a whatever it takes attempt and sources say that it is working. For more info on reaching the persecuted sign up for this free Newsletter.