Sunday, October 5, 2008

When a Big Man Falls

I don't usually watch this stuff, but most have heard of the "legendary" Kimbo Slice. An undefeated Goliath type that you just don't want to mess with in the ring. Well Kimbo met his pink-haired David last week. In 14 seconds his status of legend was destroyed.

I am reminded of all the preachers that I have seen lose face because of a moment of passion. In just a few seconds they lost everything. For many it ruins them for life. For others it grows them in grace, mercy, and transparency on their road to recovery.

However, we must not make excuses to be weak. We must strive to be unbreakable. The progression to breaking is slow and subtle... and before you know it your shattered.

Let this be a reminder to us all that a reputation that takes a lifetime to build can be destroyed in 14 seconds if we are not on guard.