Wednesday, December 17, 2008

El Salvador to Mexico

It's been a while. I have been trying to crunch out a book defining Unusual Soldiers and it has been quite a challenge. Too much screen time can drive a man insane.

This week has been mostly dedicated to our upcoming Central America endeavor. I will be traveling with a small team from El Salvador to Mexico by the cheapest means possible. As I have researched, I have became really excited about entering Mexico from the south side. I use to always count out Mexico as a ministry location because "everyone" goes there, but there are so many unreached places in the jungles of the deep south. These areas are rich in ancient animism, recent civil wars, and Christian persecution.

The more I read the more excited I get. This is becoming an Unusual Soldier scouting trip for sure. We are currently in contact with a man in Belize who wants to launch a movement in this area with some men he has been discipling. I am not sure what awaits us, but each day God seems to be painting the picture in a little more detail.