Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dreams of a Mayan Priest

Carl and Stuart felt led to pray over the "Mayan land" at historical places of ancient Mayan beliefs. In Guatemala we came across some people still practicing traditional customs. They gathered key ingredients to burn in a fire as an offering to their god in hopes to receive blessings from him in return. While we were witnessing this strange practice we met a Mayan Priest (pictured in the red hat). He answered numerous questions about his beliefs but when he was asked about Jesus he told us that he had had dreams about Jesus, and that Jesus was calling out to him to come His way. The priest said that he could not follow fully after Jesus and has kept practicing his traditional beliefs since.

The priest then told us the unexpected. He said that he also had a dream two nights prior that we would visit him. He knew that our conversation was more than ordinary "mumble jumble" and that it had been divinely set up. He was very interested in what we had to say but still did not feel ready to walk in a new direction with Jesus.

It was hard to walk away from some that God seems to be forcefully pursuing, but we are trusting that our meeting will continue to fill his thoughts with Jesus in the months ahead.