Monday, February 16, 2009

FMXer FUneral Today

I just got done praying. At this very moment there is a funeral taking place in California of an FMXer named Jeremy Lusk that lost his life last week back-flipping his dirtbike. This is the first death of an FMXer.

This guy belonged to a group known as the Metal Mulisha, the bad boyz of motocross. By appearance you would think the MM were the most evil guys on the planet; dressed in black, spikes on their mx gear,tattoos from head to toe. But what has surprised me more than anything is that many of these guys have professed faith in Christ including Jeremy.

It is my prayer that God would be glorified in the service today. That salvation would be made known to all and that a movement of radical Christ followers would emerge. I have been praying for Pastrana for years and it is my hope that he finds life in Christ as a result of this.

Woah... I just found a live feed of the funeral and their playing worship music !I gotta go!