Thursday, February 5, 2009


A guide took a us to a cemetary where we could witness some Mayan practices. We watched a family in desperate need of a blessing. Their offering in the fire was bigger than any we had seen prior. It consisted of eggs, candles, paper, and more. The priest took the young girls and patted them on the head with a fig, spit homemade liquor into their faces, and massaged their heads with an uncracked egg. It was obvious that this family was desperate for divine intervention.

While we watched this practice our guide was telling us all that was happening and in the midst of our conversation. He realized his desperate need for a real Savior. Moments later he gave his heart to Christ.

Two totally different beleifs were practiced in the cemetery that day. Both groups laid hands upon the desperate and both echoed prayers into the sky. One put their faith into what was true while the other put their faith into what they perceived as true.

It is our prayer that TRUTH will reign high in the future of this city.